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How to Turn On Gmail Dark Mode on Android Phone

Gmail has built-in dark theme to ease eye strain and improve battery life. Here’s how you can turn on the Gmail dark mode on an Android phone and tablet.

As with most apps nowadays, Google recently introduced a brand new dark theme in the Gmail app. You can enable the dark mode in Gmail from the app settings. Once enabled, Gmail uses a sort of a dark gray color instead of the true black color as part of the dark theme. If you are using the app frequently or for prolonged periods of time, it is better to enable the dark theme in the Gmail app. This reduces eye strain, especially at night times or in places with low ambient light. If you are using a phone Amoled screen, you will even see improved battery life. Other than that, compared to the light theme, the dark theme in Gmail looks really good.

Though the Gmail theme change setting is hidden pretty deep in the Settings, it is pretty easy to enable.

In this simple and straightforward guide, let me show you the steps to turn on Gmail dark mode in Android phone or tablet.

Turn on Gmail dark mode theme

The dark theme option for Gmail is in its Settings page. Follow the steps below to open the Gmail settings page and turn on the dark mode.

1. Open the Gmail app from the app drawer. If you placed the Gmail app on your home screen, you can open it from there.

2. Tap on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) on the top left corner. This action will open the sliding menu.

3. Scroll down and select the “Settings” option in the sliding menu. As soon as you tap on it, the Gmail settings page will open.

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4. Select the “General settings” option.

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5. Tap on the “Theme” option at the top of the Gmail settings page. This is the option that allow you to change the Gmail theme as needed.

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6. Select “Dark” from the flyout menu.

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Select ‘Dark’ to enable dark mode in Gmail app.

That is it. As soon as you do that, the dark mode is enable in the Gmail app.

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Wrapping up: Gmail dark mode

As you can see, though the option can be hard to find at times. It is very easy to turn on Gmail dark mode.

While selecting the dark theme, you can also select the “System Default” option. Doing so will make the Gmail app use the current system theme. i.e, if you set your system theme to dark mode, Gmail will also use dark and vice-versa. This is particularly helpful if you set a schedule to auto-switch between light and dark modes. That way, you don’t have to manually switch between light mode and dark mode depending on the time of the day.

Sometimes, the notification row icons might not switch to the light theme when you select dark mode in Gmail. In those cases, simply close the Gmail app and reopen it.

I hope the steps to turn on dark theme in Gmail helped you. If you need any help, comment below and I will try to help as much as possible.

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