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Google Pixel 8a Rumors: Expected Release Date and Wishlist

The debut of Google’s A-series phones started with the Pixel 3a and 3a XL in 2019, offering budget-friendly Android devices that garnered widespread acclaim. Since then, Google has consistently released a new A-series Pixel each year. However, the fate of the rumored Pixel 8a remains uncertain.

In this article, we’ll summarize the most credible rumors surrounding the Pixel 8a, even addressing the possibility that it may not see the light of day. We’ll also discuss our wishlist of features we hope to see if the Pixel 8a does become a reality.

Is There a Google Pixel 8a?

Unlike previous years, the fate of the Pixel 8a is uncertain. A reliable source within Google’s smartphone domain hinted at a potential shift to a biennial release schedule for Pixel A devices, similar to Apple’s iPhone SE program. This might mean a Pixel 9a or a rebranding of the series. Yet, hints and leaked benchmarks suggest the Pixel 8a might still be in the works.

When Could the Pixel 8a Arrive?

Historically, Google favored a May launch window for A-series Pixels, coinciding with Google I/O. However, due to external factors like the pandemic, this timeline has shifted. If the Pixel 8a sees the light of day, we could expect it around May 2024, six months after the Pixel 8 series.

Google’s penchant for leaks means early information might surface in late 2023.

Expected Specs and Features

The Pixel 8a’s specifications and features remain speculative, given its uncertain release.

Design: Leaked images suggest a design similar to the Pixel 8, with rounded corners, an aluminum camera bar, and multiple color options. However, it’s too early to confirm their accuracy.

Cameras: Due to the A-series nature, camera capabilities may align with the Pixel 7a or receive a slight upgrade. Software parity across Pixels should ensure similar photographic quality.

Specifications: Expect the Pixel 8a to run Android 14 with Google’s Tensor G3 chipset, promising gaming, photography, and AI enhancements. RAM and storage may mirror the Pixel 7a, with 8GB and 128GB, respectively.

Wireless charging and a 90Hz display, introduced in the Pixel 7a, are likely to continue. Concrete details await the official unveiling.

Pixel 8a Pricing

Past A-series Pixels have stayed below $500. If the Pixel 8a materializes, it’s likely to follow suit, priced at $499. Any price adjustments will likely affect the mainline Pixel 8 series, not the budget-friendly Pixel 8a.

Should You Wait for the Google Pixel 8a?

Given the uncertainty, waiting for the Pixel 8a may not be wise for budget-conscious shoppers. The Pixel 7a offers essential features like wireless charging and a high-refresh-rate display.

Alternatively, waiting for the Pixel 8 series in October 2023 may yield discounts on previous-generation Pixels, making the Pixel 8 an attractive option.

Non-Google alternatives like the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G provide similar specs and extended software support.

Our Pixel 8a Wishlist

Creating a wishlist for the Pixel 8a is challenging but essential. Here are three desired features:

  1. Leverage Pixel 7’s Camera: Adopting the Pixel 7’s camera system would enhance photographic capabilities without overshadowing the Pixel 8.
  2. Faster Charging: Improve wired charging speeds to enhance the user experience, aiming for 30W or higher.
  3. Extended Updates: If A-series Pixels move to biennial releases, extend software update commitments to ensure timely upgrades and security patches.

In summary, while the Pixel 8a’s fate remains uncertain, it holds promise for budget-conscious users. If it materializes, it could offer an attractive blend of affordability and essential features.